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10 Travel Tips For Women That Will Help to Look Fashionable Tough Out the Trip

Traveling is fun but the commute can be a pain especially if you have a long flight. Lots of ladies struggle with traveling light and looking good at the same time. Once you arrive at the destination, how do you look stylish? How do you hide the mess of the journey?

I am here to give you some stylish tips to do it right. Without further ado, let’s check them out…


#1: Know Your Destination

This is extremely important. You can only look great if you have dressed for the destination. For instance, if you are traveling to Pakistan, India, or any other Asian country, you would want to be wearing something eastern. Perhaps a pert kurta with Spectrum internet would do. Apart from dressing like the locals, you also have to be certain about the weather to pack the right ensemble.

#2: Choose Comfort over Style

I wouldn’t recommend wearing stylish clothes on your flight. This will make you uncomfortable throughout your journey.

Loose cotton tops, denim shirts, a black dress or floral prints are best. If you want, you can also travel in your pajamas. This is recommended when you have a long flight.

#3: Pack Less Shoes

You don’t need to bring more than 3 pairs of shoes. Exercise sneakers, sandals, comfortable loaders or heeled sandals would be enough. Since you are traveling, all you need is comfortable shoes.

#4: Carry a Backpack

If it’s a long haul journey, carry a small backpack. You would easily find fashionable options. Backpacks are easy to carry and they have extra pockets; some on the inside and some on the outside. It will be easy to hold a camera, password, wallet, and other necessary items in a backpack.

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#5: Wear Loose Pants

Jeans are a big no. You need to wear something super comfortable such as loose pants. It’s never a good idea to wear old and ugly clothes on your flight especially if you want to look fashionable.

Utility trousers are the best option for women. They are fashionable and made from lightweight fabric. They have a tie waist section for ensuring fit and comfort.

#6: Cotton Top

Baggy T-shirts or cotton tops are best. You can never go wrong with them. They are cheap and comfortable. You can get them in long sleeves too if the chilly flight would bother you.  For extra coziness, wear a tank top underneath the tee. You can always take it off once you reach your destination.

#7: Go for Wide-Legged Pants

If loose pants are not really your style, then wear the wide-legged pants. Find the ones that have pockets. Instead of plain, go for a pattern or print. Why, you ask? If you spill something on yourself during the flight, the stain would be that visible.

These pants are stylish yet comfortable so you are going to look your best.

#8: Wear a Cape Shawl

If you want to make sure you stay warm throughout your flight, wear a cape shawl. It looks fantastic with leggings. Choose a cape that is made from acrylic or knit wool. You can also fold it and convert it into a travel pillow.

Capes are flattering and they fit just about any type of body. The best thing is that you don’t have to worry about getting wrinkles. You can wear them as many times as you want.

#9: Everyone’s All-Time Favorite Hoodie

It’s one of my favorite comfort clothing. It is just as fashionable as a jacket. The added benefit is that you can pull it over your head and go to sleep. It is best for surviving a long fight.

#10: Get Yourself Activewear

Some ladies like to wear activewear on their flights. It looks fashionable. Get yourself a matching tracksuit. The designs in the market will surprise you.

Additionally, you won’t be disappointed when it comes to comfort. I always prefer wearing yoga pants. You can also wear them with a t-shirt bought from a thrift store.

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#11: Chic Jacket

No matter what you are wearing, a jacket is a piece of clothing that can make you look chic instantly. It is advised to wear a long jacket. It will conceal your casual clothes underneath.

Choose the fabric depending on the weather. If your destination is going to be cold, a chucker woolen fabric would be ok. Otherwise, pick lightweight fabric such as cotton or polyester.

#12: Socks

How can we forget about them? If it’s a long flight, you will have to remain seated for a long period. In that case, you would want to take off your shoes. Wearing socks will save you from the chills of the AC. Make sure you pick compression socks to avoid the discomfort.

You can also carry a scarf or shawls for women. Ideally, pick those that you can squeeze into a pillow easily. Rest assured, with these tips, you will stay on top of your fashion game.

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