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All you need to know about Goechala trek


All you need to know about the Goechala trek


If one wants to watch the beautiful Kanchenjunga ranges, they should probably take a 10 days Goechala trek in Sikkim.

One has to arrive via Bagdogra Airport or NP railway station. Yuksome is the first stay, from which the amazing Goechaa trek begins.

The trail to Goechala is an old one and wasn’t so famous until the Nepalese Civil war that took place between 1996 to 2006.

How to reach:

If one wants to start the trek to Goechala, Yuksom is the one where you’ll stay your first night. Then, one needs to reach Sachen covering the Rathong River, Paha Khola bridge and one can glare at the beautiful green forest that one will be watching the most in this trek along with more enchanting beauty.

The trek from Tshoka to Phedang will bring you the beautiful thick rhododendron forests whereas when one reaches the Dzongri, one can encounter the best views of the Koktang, Rathong, Kabru, Kanchenjunga, and Pandim which are towering peaks in the Himalayas.

Goechala is the trek where you will be covering most of the beautiful Himalayan ranges along with some beautiful forest and crossing some thrashing streams that come in the trail.

Things to carry:

As it is a ten-day trek, a submission to the police station must also be made before beginning the trek by sending a copy of the photo ID as documentation and paying the permission fees at the forest check post before starting the trek. 

One also has to pay additional money for the camera and that entire process can be done by your guide who travel with you.

Other commodities like a hot bag, gas lamps, utensils, chair table, mattresses are also provided by the team itself. One when paying the amount for the trekking the Goechala is also provided with a sleeping bag, tent, dining tent, kitchen, toilet tent, and other stuff for a comfortable resting journey on the part of the trekkers.

Other commodities like a hot bag, gas lamps, utensils, chair table, mattresses are also provided by the team itself. 

One should carry warm clothes and nice sports shows as it is an intensive trekking experience for a person.

One should also carry slippers and an extra pair of socks and sunscreen lotion and skin moisturizers so as to protect their skin from the extreme climatic conditions in the mountains.

One should carry their own water bottles, their backpack for trekking, energy bars/snacks. One should carry a pair of sunglasses so as to protect their eyes from the direct rays of the sun. 

One should also carry some basic medications and personal toiletries and a flashlight and also a medical kit along with an insect repellent.

Goechala is a tiny place in Sikkim, and, it is a dream destination for so many trekkers and travellers who are fond of exciting and thrilling experiences in their life. One can view the hundreds of shades of flora and fauna in nature and while trekking. 

It’s an eye-pleasing journey for anyone as one can see beautiful forest and flora and fauna and one can also make their way to the ecstatic Kanchenjunga National park if one needs to see more of nature’s beauty.

One has to cover a distance of 90 KMs and reaching at an altitude of 16,200 ft above sea level. It is an adventurous trek and is indeed a great pleasure to watch the beautiful summits and the amazing Himalayan ranges, exotic forest and the beauty of grassland with some vibrant flowers all around.

If one wants to have a clear view of the beautiful mountains, one should do the trek during the month of October to November since one can watch clear skies and the beautiful Himalayan ranges and one can view the beautiful stargazing and the sunset amidst the mountains. 

Since it is a 10 days trek, one needs to trek for about 5-6 hours per day covering from a distance of yuksom to Sachen to back to Yuksom.

The tents and other accommodations are provided by the people one has contacted to do this trek with. The trekkers and travellers are provided with the mean all times during the trek.

One can not only just enjoy the trekking part but also the sightseeing and the camping which makes it a very memorable experience,

Language shouldn’t be the barrier for the trekker so that is why the trekkers and travellers are provided with English speaking guides.

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