Beautiful Towns To Visit In Switzerland On Your Vacation

Switzerland is among Europe’s most stunning and wonderful skiing enthusiasts. It includes an excellent source of natural wonders and cultural richness, including four official languages and all their richness. For summer hikers and skiers in winter, it is a heaven. The name of Switzerland evokes the lush pastures of Heidi, the Alps, the charming hamlets in breathtaking lands and the lively city life. The best locations in Switzerland are the tiny settlements that are the entrances to this boreal paradise. So check out some of the beautiful towns to visit in Switzerland and have a happy vacation with your loved one!



Montreux is among the best holiday resorts in the world, renowned for its cool microclimate and jazz festival held in the beginning of July. The Montreux Quays deliver thousands of lake walks, surrounded by exotic flowering and trees, and set on the backdrop by lovely views of the Alps. Wandering along it may take you away from all problems, but Chateau de Chillon is the true jewel of Montreux, snuggled on the shore between Villeneuve and Montreux. Founded by the House of Savoy, the castle influenced Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Lord Byron classic literature. The original structure of the castle has been preserved and a visit will make you dream of lovely princes and princesses, whatever your generation.



Wengen might only have 1300 permanent citizens in central Switzerland, but it would not be imagined by the masses. A variety of wooden homes, chalets and lovely hotels are located in the village itself which make it an idyllic base from which to discover the ranges around the place. Wengen is a renowned skiing location. This resort offers historic houses from the Belle Epoque period. Visitors will stroll along one of several paths or use one of the cableways that lead to breathtaking views. When going with the train to Wengen, look for the climbers who are trying to ascend up the north side of Eiger. Spanning activities such as paragliding and fluvial rafting can also be found among the more daring ones.



Lucerne lakeside is also a dream Swiss postcard city, with spectacular mediaeval fortresses, old churches and lovely wooden bridges, offset by mountain views. Often known as the Chapel Bridge, one of the oldest Europe covered bridges or Musegg Wall, an untouched portion of the town’s walls, built-in 1386, are some of the mediaeval locations. Every year, the unusual cityscape draws thousands of tourists, rendering Lucerne one of the most entertaining and fairy-style cities for people of all ages. However, the city is also new, as evidenced by the architecturally spectacular KKL designed by French architect Jean Nouvel, and it remains easy to access via cableways to the Pilatus, Rigi and Stanserhorn mountains on a majestic Alpine regions.


Guarda is also another small Swiss city known for its historical architecture, including seventeenth houses with colourful exterior colours. Guarda has also conserved ancient traditions, such as the Chalandamarz venue in March, as a setting for Selina Chönz and Alois Carigiet ‘s famous children’s book Schellen-Ursli (1945). There is also a road called Schellenursli, which can be used for walking together by families. If you get here with winter blahs, you can enjoy the old tradition of using cow cloves to drive you out of winter. Rome, the fourth official language of Switzerland after French, German, and Italian also speaks the bulk of the city’s population.



Interlaken is the entrance to the Bernese Alpine mountain towns, but for its own sake a tour is worthwhile. It is also ideal for the outdoors, whether on the lakeside or on the several hiking trails that originate in Harder Kulm, to witness the scenic splendour of the region, with stunning views at 1,322 metres. During that time, tourists came and drank in the crisp mountains for the spa treatments. Interlaken is located in the heart of the Bernese Oberland and is also accessed by the Alpine Railways for a closer look at the major summits in the area-Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau. Interlaken is known for its festivals of music. You will be on a fun paddleboat cruise on each of them and it is situated on the Lakes Thun and Brienz.

I’m sure that you would have already chosen one of these beautiful towns to visit on your vacation. So head down to any of these beautiful towns in Switzerland and take back home memorable souvenirs. Oh now that you might be excited to plan a vacation, head on to Pickyourtrail so that you could book your Switzerland package right away.


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