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Top Things to do on Ladakh Group Tour 

Ladakh the cold desert of India holds Buddhist culture and is situated at an elevation of 9,800 feet above sea level. Ladakh is one of the perfect and most visited tourist destinations in India. Varieties of culture, traditions, architecture, and foods can be seen and explored in this white snowflakes region of India. visiting Buddhist monasteries, walking on snow-clad lakes, and walking through the steep mountains and green forests are some of the memorable, enjoyable, and relaxing things one can do in Ladakh. As the topic is about top things to do in Ladakh group tour we are going to discover some more exciting, thrilling and adventurous things in this article. Group tours and enjoyment are always complementary to each other. Time flies with a friend and more and more memories can be created. Bike trips, cycling, Indus river are some of the exciting group activities to do in Ladakh. So are you ready to know more about such exciting things? Scroll down.


Top Things to do on Ladakh Group Tour

river rafting

The first and most amazing thing you can do with a group of your crazy friends is river rafting. mesmerizing panorama of river and its side by places can be enjoyed during rafting. As we know Indus river starting from Mt. Kailash and Mansarovar Lake runs through the region of Ladakh and this is the perfect river for rafting in Ladakh. Thrill-seekers must try this. Zanskar is another spot to have water sports. River rafting from Phey to Nimmo is one of the most popular trails in Ladakh. Rafting through rivers with a group of friends is a must-have experience on the trip journey of Ladakh.


Trekking in the beautiful frozen rivers and snow-capped mountains of Chadar Trek is another most exciting and thrilling to do in Ladakh. The magical charm,  vibrant colors of nature, and beautiful wintery white snowflakes of Ladakh can be seen from the top of this trek. The river Zanskar freezes and creates a perfect sheet of ice on it. The delight of trekking can be experienced in Markha Valley, Spituk Gompa trek, Dran Drung Glacier trek, Darcha Padum trek.


Relish yourself with the mouth-watering food of Ladakh. Be a foodie and enjoy the food with your group. One must try some of the famous local food of Ladakh which includes Thukpa, noodle soup; Tsampa, Skyu, momos, and one can enjoy drinking wine amidst the snow desert with his\her group. Delicious Yak cheese momos should be missed.


As you are with your group, go for a cycle race in the uneven terrains of Ladakh. you can enjoy riding through the scenic landscape, breathing in the fresh air, and a more grounded view of Ladakh and beautiful snow-capped mountains. One can do this to take make their group tour more challenging and exciting. One can travel everywhere in Ladakh while enjoying the beautiful ladakhi village in slow motion while cycling. Motorbiking in the mountain terrains of Ladakh is another thing to do and explore the city at a speed you would like to ride. As cycling may not be comfortable for many so they can also opt for motorbiking. A jeep safari from Manali to Leh is equally captivating, exciting, and breathtaking. Choose your mode of travel and enjoy the ride to the fullest with your group. 

camel safari

Tired of walking try camel or yak safari. A ride on the double-humped Bactrian Camels and Yaks size measuring about 6 ft is the best way to enjoy the glorious sunset, the serene blue lakes, green valleys, snow-peaked mountains, and scenic beauty of many such places. the scenic beauty can be witnessed during your camel ride from Hunder to Turtuk.

Witnessing a rich variety of flora and fauna is another relaxing thing one can go for. One can also spot snow leopard and enjoy skiing in the snow mountains.

We all follow the trending things. One of such trends is sharing your photos on your social media handles. Photographs are the best way to capture the memories and love being shared. Ladakh is like a paradise for photographers and nature lovers. Try capturing the group and its enjoyment in the reels.

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