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The Ultimate Hiking Guide To Valle Del Cocora (Cocora Valley)

At the point when you consider Colombia, you might not have a notable picture at the top of the priority list like when you consider France or Peru. That might be because of how new Colombia is as a movement objective yet on the off chance that I need to pick one picture to speak to the nation, I would pick the perspective on moving rich green slopes and unusually tall wax palm trees of Salento without a doubt. Book flight tickets with  Allegiant airlines tickets


1.When To Visit Salento 

The greatest months are December to March and July to August which is the driest period out of everything except remember that Salento and the Valle del Cocora are famous for their unusual climate. I had every one of the 3 climates in one day when I was there, blustery in the first part of the day, cold when I was in La Montana and radiant when I was advancing back so get ready in a like manner. 


2.How To Get To Salento 

The quickest and least expensive approach to get to Salento and ultimately to Valle del Cocora is to travel to Medellin rather than Bogota. Medellin is a 6.5 hours transport ride away. To go to Medellin, you can fly through Avianca, AeroMexico or American Airlines or get yourself to Bogota and fly homegrown to Medellin. Make certain to look at the costs on Skyscanner and Expedia for the most ideal arrangement for your excursion. To get to Salento from Medellin, you can take an immediate transport worked by Flota Occidental which leaves at Centro Comercial Terminal Del Sur 4 times each day. 


3.Valle Del Cocora Entrance To Acaime 

When you turn directly at the passageway, you will see a directional sign that focuses on Acaime. That is the place where you will be going first. You will stroll down a slope along a waterway (adhere to one side), confounding over various engineered overpasses for about 90 minutes until you show up at a crossing point. Recollect this convergence as you should backtrack your way back to this T-intersection after a visit to Acaime Hummingbird House. For the present, stick right (follow the red bolt sign) and go up the precarious slope. Once more, adhere to your privilege at whatever point conceivable. 




Alright. So once the vehicle dropped us off, we began the climb. The very much kept up path drives straight – this is the way straightforwardly to the valley with wax palms. In the event that you need to emulate our example, you need to stroll through the blue door on your right-hand side. The way at first strolls through farmland. The path here is level and simple, yet it can get sloppy after downpour. We crossed a few springs, and afterward we proceeded, joined simply by a lost canine and great perspectives. The landscape was all green, and we could see a couple of private ranches somewhere out there. 


5.Counterclockwise Loop 


Despite the fact that this is the most troublesome course, as I would like to think, this is the most ideal approach to climb the Cocora Valley. It took us pretty much 5 hours to finish the circle with loads of stops for photographs, recordings, and appreciating the view (without visiting Acaime or Estrella de Agua). You’ll get more exercise climbing directly up a lofty mountainside to the most elevated point at Finca La Montaña. Climbing downhill on a lofty grade is challenging for the knees. On the off chance that you are beginning your climb around 10:00am, the lighting for your perspectives will be basically wonderful when you in the end show up at the valley loaded up with Wax Palms around 2:30pm. In addition, you’re sparing the star of the climb for last. Our lodging, La Serrana, recommended we do it that way. 




Pack cautiously when planning to go to the Cocora Valley! This is what we suggest. 50-100oz of water: We have a Camelbak Hydration Pack that fits 100oz of water, snacks, AND has some space for gear, as well. Journeying posts to help with the profound mud. We carried our Black Diamond traveling poles with us, collapsed down and got into a side pocket of our knapsacks, for our whole 5 months in South America and they were SO valuable on climbs. Climbing Shoes and Socks: We both climb in Trail Runners instead of hard core climbing boots – they’re lightweight and travel agreeable, more adaptable and agreeable, and they dry super immediately when it downpours or after a water crossing, so your feet will remain hot and attempt. 




Consistently, climbers unite on Salento Plaza in town to get a jeep to the Cocora Valley. Salento doesn’t have moto taxi cabs or yellow taxis; they have Willys. Willys are jeeps that can hold up to 15 individuals and the driver. I state “hold”, and not “seat,” since 5 of those fortunate individuals remain on the guard and hang on with a death grip. It sounds scrappy, however you need to attempt it. It’s so much fun! Peruse more about the absurd and nerve-wracking transportation in Colombia in our transportation manager. 




In case you’re just in Salento for a brief timeframe, have shown up at the site evening or aren’t feeling especially vigorous, you can at present experience the Valle de Cocora and catch the photograph we as a whole go for – essentially head straight for the trees. To take this choice, when you get off the truck walk straight along the earth track. Try not to go through the blue doors, or a way to one side. Follow the plainly stamped trail for around 1km and you will go to a clearing dabbed with the palms. Spend as long as you can imagine wandering among the trees and the lavish green grass or walk part route along the track into the slopes to appreciate sees from above. 




For those that need somewhat more exercise and experience, we’d suggest this any longer circle which takes you through the woodland, over wooden engineered overpasses and along steep climbing tracks. It is from this vantage point you will locate the best perspectives. In the event that you pick this course, you will show up at the trees after roughly 4 hours. This is the choice we took – and we’d energetically suggest it as having your last quit being in among the notorious palms is something to anticipate. For this course, when you leave the 4WD, take the way to one side (through the blue entryways), with signs towards Los Nevados Parque Nacional and keep strolling straight, heading downhill until you arrive at a sign saying ‘Fundacion Herencia Vero’ – remain to one side of it.Contact with us on Singapore airlines helpline number




For those more agreeable on four legs as opposed to two, horseback is an elective method to see the valley. On appearance, you will locate various local people dressed ready to lease you a pony – however we’d strongly suggest that before you take a chap up on his proposal of a pony, that you check the creature’s condition. Shockingly not all ponies are taken care of as they should be, something that is clear after survey the pony appropriately. To dodge this issue totally, it’s conceivable to organize horse rides around where you can talk with your convenience about a suggested organization, and maybe keep an eye on the state of the pony already.

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