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20 of NZ’s most unbelievable stuff to do

New Zealand is recognized worldwide for its unbelievable landscape from sweeping mountains to massive underground grotto systems, colossal glaciers, boiling hot springs, golden-sand beaches, and the rough shoreline. It is also full of cool towns, secret areas, wonderful wildlife, and more. In reality, we’ve struggled to get this down to an important list of 20 items in New Zealand.


20 of NZ’s most unbelievable stuff to do

  1. Stay late at Lake Tekapo for starry looks


Tekapo Lake is one of New Zealand’s best sights to explore because there is almost no light pollution in the skies. During the daytime, visit the Mt John Observatory and wait for a clear sky until it sets in the evening.


  1. Oparara Arch feels fucked by


Kahurangi National Park’s Oparara Basin, home to many rock arches, including the longest calcareous arch of Australasia, is a little of a geological marvel. With a length of over 200 meters, you must feel a little unimportant.


  1. Using Mount Herbert’s toilet


Near Christchurch, Banks Peninsula is a volcanic region that belongs to the influential French town of Akaroa. However what we think is the main attraction at the top of the nearby mount Herbert: a toilet with the most spectacular views.


  1. Marvel at the rocks of Moeraki


Such a spherical stone between Dunedin and Oamaru looks like unexploded ordinances fallen in a forgetful war on the shore. You shouldn’t forget them for millions of years.


  1. Peer over the point of Nugget


The Nugget Point Lighthouse is the best place to see the rocks from the deep blue water and the sealing colony that calls it home.


  1. See the Earnslaw Burn cascades


A variety of glacial waterfalls cascade from a sole cliff shelf and give a breathtaking view, as they plunge deep underneath the cliffs. The filming spot for The Hobbit was so amazing.


  1. Clay Cliffs inspect


The Waitaki Valley is renowned for its many rock formations and fossils, but undoubtedly the Clay Cliffs, which look like huge stalactites, are the most striking ones.


  1. Leave the bra in the valley of Cardrona


No one really knows why it is but the fence that lines Cardrona Valley has got arm wood search and has been since the 1990s, Brazil. If the mood takes you, you should add yours.

  1. Current Zealand’s Au Pair


If you have a tight travel budget, add it as an au pair in New Zealand. You can stay with the host family, save you on lodging and meal expenses, be paid for, and have time to explore. Ideal!


  1. Over a glacier Skydive


The endless New Zealand scenery makes skydiving an unforgettable experience almost anywhere, but over Fox Glacier is nothing else in the world and the size of the region really will be home.


  1. Horseshoe New Zealand


You may have found a lot of beautiful scenery in New Zealand and things to do. It’s easier, more thrilling to see all by horseback and make you feel like Aragorn. One of the best horse trekking locations on offer is the Peel Forest, where the lovely mountain scenery will grace you.


  1. Reach the paths in winter


This is clearly a seasonal operation, but South Island has more than twenty snowy resorts. If you miss the season, there are even snow machines! Skiing is still fun in New Zealand.


  1. Brave New Zealand’s highest Bungy hop


Take a 440ft (the highest in the country) cable car and find the courage to throw yourself out! The Nevis Bungy in Queenstown lets you fall free for 8.5 seconds before the corpse starts to strain.


  1. Get deep into the Nelson underworld


Caving is always an enjoyable (or frightening experience, according to who you ask), and you can go deep into the deepest sinkhole of the southern hemisphere, Harwoods Hole. In Nelson. The only way to get there is a rope downhill of 183 meters.


  1. Cecil Top Heli-ski


From Queenstown, you go skiing by helicopter on the top of Cecil Peak to ski down your way. You will be dropped by helicopter. Fantastic, okay?


  1. Notable zip-lining in the notes


The Remarkables chain of mountains is one of the finest areas in New Zealand to get interested in zip lines, close to Queenstown (the Mecca for Adrenaline sports in New Zealand). Even if you ride past them at 80mph, the sharply rising mountain provides breathtaking views.


  1. Queenstown Jet Boating


The several rivers around Queenstown constitute an underwater jet boat playground. Stick in and brace yourself for extreme wetness.


  1. Get to know the earthquakes of Christchurch


The Christchurch Quake City Museum is a great place to start in the city which allows you to learn more and highlight a new seismic life for the town as you view it.


  1. Visit the Memorial of Canterbury


The 185 empty white chairs which are a tribute to those killed by the earthquakes are also a significant reminder of Christchurch’s recent natural disasters. This is a visually striking, dark spot you need to explore.

  1. Hit the markets of Christchurch


All over the city especially on a Saturday, the markets have everything from cheap street food to art and craft forms and live music. Ideal for a budget backpacker and to taste the vibrant city atmosphere.


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