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Beginners’ list for Thai Food – What to eat when first arrived in Thailand

Whether you are an experienced traveler or just taking your first trip ever, Thailand is an amazing place to go to. The Thai Food and it’s street food culture there is like no other. That is why it is an important sphere to dig into before you got the plane and head up to the Street Food Heaven.

Thai food offers tens and even hundreds of options to choose from.
There are both omnivorous and vegetarian delicious meals prepared by locals, which are sold everywhere in the country.
Landing for the first time in a country where the food is so very different than what you’re used to, can be intimidating sometimes. However, once you get to know the basics, this place happens to be a culinary paradise which some would say is the best in the world.
Of course, you can always take a street food tour through Bangkok, and be on top of what you put into your mouth.


Bangkok street thai food


Pad See Eiw

If you do not want to burn your mouth with some of the spicy national dishes, consider trying Pad See Eiw. It is made of rice noodles mixed with dark soy source cooked from beef, chicken or pork with cabbage. Pad See Eiw is such a warm and comforting dish!

Pad Kra Pao

One more meat option you can try out. It is generally served with chicken, rice, and a baked egg.
Can be spicy though so be aware of the option to ask if they can make it less/non-spicy

Som Tam

This kind of salad is rather famous and included in the top of the most popular Thai food dishes served in Thailand.
There are a variety of styles to cook it. However, it usually included beans, sugar, garlic, fish, green papaya, tomatoes, and carrots, and baby dried shrimps. You can ask for a NON-spicy Som Tam although it may be hard for the Thai people to understand your reason, for they really love that salad HOT!!

Kluau Tod

Bangkok street food also allows you to taste Kluau Tod. If you have sweet teeth or travel with kids, it is definitely worth trying. The food is made of baked bananas in oil mixed with coconut or sesame seeds. Many kids love that food as it somehow reminds them of something they know.

Kai Jeo is a perfect dish for breakfast. The reason is this type of Thai food is very much similar to omelets. However, it has a golden crispy coverage and is served over rice.
Kai Jeo usually comes with fish and a special chilly source typical for the food of Thailand.
Do not miss the opportunity to taste this awesome breakfast once you are in Thai.

Poh Pia Tod

This dish has 2 different versions, it comes both in vegetarian and meat options. It is a kind of pancake served with a sweet chilly source.

Pa Pia Sod

If you have tried the Poh Pia Tod, it is also a great idea to taste Pa Pia Sod – the type of dish, which comes with fish. The reason is it is better for your health, and it is also more sustainable for the planet.

Roti (sometimes pronounced like Loti)

Roti is a type of dish, which did not originate in Thailand. However, it is frequently sold on the streets. Roti is a kind of pancakes, which come with a chocolate source or condensed milk. This food is generally done with bananas, which creates a uniquely delicious dessert you would never compare to anything sold in other states.

Kao Niew Ma Muang

Kao Niew Mamuang is another simple but very tasty dish you should definitely try. It consists of sticky rice (Kao Niew) which is very popular among the locals, mango (Mamuang), and coconut cream syrup. Such an amazing combination will blow your mind away! Its soft texture and mildly sweet taste are only offered by Thai local chefs.

All in all, those tips are for you to use once you’ve just arrived in the country and ease a little the first encounter
The tips will help you try out incredible mouth-watering Thai food dishes while having the greatest cultural emerging experience of your life! Bangkok street food is an absolutely affordable but special option to have an amazing time for you and your family in the new country and explore what it is truly famous for!

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