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Sri Lanka’s 9 Best Family Attractions

Where to spend your family vacation? If so, your trip to Sri Lanka will be arranged. Take our Travel Guide and get your sights on this final getaway and be sure you’ll have nothing less than a bag full of fun and excitement on your journey to this exotic family destination. Sri Lanka is bordered by incredible places for children, famous adult hotspots, and an endless family adventure. Go places, visit memorials, or participate in some of the most attractive things to do. This is a golden opportunity for you to rediscover your family ties and have a nice time together. We have the 9 best attractions in Sri Lanka to help you make the most of your family holiday so please read this blog before planning your itinerary for your holiday.


  1. Galle Fort: Spend a day out in the Netherlands


Discover one of the world’s most evocative and legendary archaeological sites, Galle or the Netherlands Fort, along with your familiar day. This historic monument, designed by the Portuguese and improved by Dutch, is one of Sri Lanka’s best family attractions. Walk around and experience the elegance of colonial buildings during your excursion to this famous tourist hotspot. In the vibrant fortress pavilions, along with your parents, visit the museum, cafés, bookshops, and antique shops.


  1. Orphanage: Take a break Pinnewala


Enjoy the trip to the Elephant Orphanage of Pinnewala in the village of Pinnewala, 13 km north-west of the town of Kegalle, Sri Lanka province, which once more is a famous and natural attraction. Enjoy spotting a herd in this orphanage of wild Asian elephants to look after elephants forsaken by their moms. Your children will enjoy playing and bathing elephants from the broad bank of the river. They will also be able to observe the everyday routine of elephants, such as smaller bottles and bulk of elephant food, such as jackfruit, tamarind, coconut, and grass, fed to adult elephants every day. You can enjoy an outdoor picnic with your family at Pinnewala, some of Sri Lanka’s most enticing tourist attractions.


  1. Yala West NP: Head for an exciting Safari Wildlife.


Visit Yala West National Park, Sri Lanka’s Southern Province and Uva, and safari for a safari that will be one of the family’s most exciting things. Sri Lanka may seem small, but it does include a few of the world’s tropical hotspots of biodiversity. This National Park is a treat for lovers of wildlife. Don’t miss a ride through Yala West National Park and discover the brazen leopards lolling around the park for an adrenaline-filled Jeepsafari with your mates.


  1. Mirissa’s Galle: enjoy a cruise in whale observation


Traveling to Galle with children on a whaling trip can be a real pleasure, as you can enjoy the sights you haven’t seen before. From Galle to Mirissa, the cruise will take you to Dondra Point. You will see playful dolphins when you’re on your way which your children will surely love. You will also have the chance to see the giant blue whale that adds to your trip a thriving factor. This jaunt will definitely lend your kids and you the most unforgettable moments of your vacation in Sri Lanka.


  1. Hot Air Balloon Rides: Kandalama: Hop In


Fly with your family to Kandalama and jump on the hot air ball full of adrenaline. Travel up into the sky and look behind your feet and see the breathtaking beauty. Hot air ballooning opens to surreal elegance and endless panoramic views of the clouds. You can also capture great clicking while enjoying the incredible scene, as this trip will provide you with a marvelous opportunity for photography and a lifetime experience. Don’t forget to add that as you move through Sri Lanka to your list of the top things to do with your family.


  1. Ceylon: Trail the Tea


Visit Ceylon’s tea trails and go to the colonial era. The tea estate in Sri Lanka is one of the best sights for family tourists. There would be nothing more fun than to take a walk through your family’s lush green tea plantation. You not only have to walk through the tea property, but you also have a golden opportunity to explore the whole operation. tea making. You’ll learn something you haven’t learned before from the tea picking to its conversion at the farm. This is the most interesting family experience apart from many other excursion stages.


  1. Vedda: Village tours Vedda:


It could be very fun, but it can be more interesting to explore the famous family sites in Sri Lanka. Don’t miss to opt for an intriguing village visit to Vedda on your tour through this different region. Enjoy the local way of life along with your family on your way to this village. Move through the diminutive towns of a forest-based culture. You’ll return to the Stone Age with their way of living. Don’t miss a chance to rest at a nearby dwelling when visiting the village. Come together and enjoy the basic food of the village and experience a new taste. There is plenty of pure sweetness here as Vedda does a lot.


  1. Fortress Sigiriya: a visit to this magnificent monument


The Sigiriya Fortress is one of Sri Lanka’s popular tourist attractions. King Kasyapa designed this 1600-year-old architectural landmark. The Sigiriya Fortress is one of the most famous places to visit for adults and a treat for historians and cultural lovers. This magnificent building will take your children around and let them know how significant this place is historical. It definitely will keep your family busy with the beauty of this massive monument. Sigiriya is the best time to visit early in the morning or late afternoon.


  1. Kasgoda Hatchery Turtles: watch Close Turtles


Make your tour of Kasgoda Turtle Hatchery an unforgettable one by being one of the most sought after places for kids and families. This place that is supposed to breed tortoises will certainly enjoy your children. Here you will spend a lot of time seeing tiny tortoises fed and cared for. Do not miss a chance to see a variety of tortoises, such as Leatherback, Olive Ridley, and Green Turtle in your hatchery, to name only a few, along with others that you want. Even from close quarters, baby turtles will play in the water.


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