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Five best Texas’ Road Trips you must check out!

Want to go on an adventurous road trip in Texas? This second-largest US state is vast, and the best way to explore the remote beauty of this Lone Star State is to hit the roads. Whether it is a road trip that introduces you to the alluring beauty of the countryside or the one that lets you explore a vast national park, whether it is a foodie’s road trip or that with a lot of history to tell you, a Texas’ road trip offers you a memorable experience. So, crank up the engine and take to the roads! We have come up with the five best Texas road trips to help you plan your trip. Read on!


Big Bend National Park:

How about riding your vehicle through the vast expanse of wilderness? Excited? Then, Big Bend National Park, situated along the Texas-Mexico border, is the best Texas road trip you need! This is one of the long road trips which takes at least 2-3 days to fully explore this huge park, but it is worth taking because of the incredible vistas and experiences the trip is going to offer you. The national park’s desert and mountain landscapes, hiking trails, bird watching experience, and the camping experience under the starry sky — this Texas road trip is sure to leave a lasting impression on you.

Texas Hill Country:

Come spring, the undulating hilly landscape of Texas Hill Country comes alive with the blooming wildflowers (an estimated 5,000 varieties!) It is ideal to go on this Texas road trip in the spring months to be awed by the pretty vistas of the carpet of wildflowers that adorn the roadsides. Feel rejuvenated by the refreshing sights and fragrances of these flowers! Since the Texas Hill Country is also famously known for wineries, detour to Fall Creek Vineyards and relish the taste of fine wine while enjoying the views of the vineyard’s beautiful property.

Lonesome Highway:

The nickname of this highway pretty much tells you what kind of an experience this Texas road trip is going to offer you! You’ll hardly see any signs of civilization or any other vehicles on this highway (except for those fellow road trip lovers set out on a serene expedition along this road like you!) Zoom along this unfrequented stretch of the road taking in the gorgeous scenery of the breathtaking Guadalupe Mountains! This is the ultimate road trip you would need to escape from the chaos of the city!

Dallas to Austin:

This Texas road trip from one popular city to the other is a foodie’s favorite trip. Go on this road trip and indulge yourself in the tempting culinary offerings of Texas. Make pit stops at famous eateries for your food break – Tolbert’s Restaurant & Chili Parlor, Lockhart Smokehouse BBQ, Czech Stop, Robertson’s Hams, Collin Street Bakery, etc. Sample the finger-licking-good Steaks, Ribs, Ice-Cold Beer, and freshly baked bread at the Texas Roadhouse! Isn’t this Texas road trip the best one to satisfy your food cravings?

El Camino Real Highway:

Here comes the Royal Road of Texas! This 600-mile-long highway that links the 21 Spanish missions of California is the most recommended Texas road trip for history buffs. It is East Texas’ oldest highway and is also known by many other names — Texas 21, The King’s Highway, the Old Spanish Trail, and the Old San Antonio Road. Dotted with a number of historical attractions along the way, the scenic route that stretches from San Diego in the south to Sonoma in the North covers much of the Lone Star State. If you wish to dedicate an entire week to the road trip, El Camino Real Highway is one of the best options for you!

Anyone planning to travel to Texas must consider adding these road trips to their itinerary for a better experience of this beautiful state! Check out iEagle for the cheapest airfare and book your flights now!

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